What Can You Do with Freeance Mobile for Smartphones?

"With a live map view, the supervisor can redeploy any trucks ahead of schedule, for an immediate early jump on the next day's work, gaining an hour of productivity every day."

- Mike Gantick, Public Works Director

GPS Data Collection

Damage assessment smartphone screenshot
  • Save time. Once you leave the site your work is done.
  • Increase data accuracy/field efficiency.
  • Photo capture with date, time stamp and geotag.
  • Critical information is captured and not forgotten with Freeance smart forms.
  • No need to enter data manually. Eliminates back and forth from office.

Locate Employees

Locate employees smartphone screenshot
  • Use of smartphones means any vehicle/person can be located with ease.
  • Location coordinates are collected and time-stamped at GPS collection points and data is transferred live to your GIS server.
  • Back your employees against citizen complaints with live acurate up to date information. Keep track of where they have been.
  • Take real-time operational efficiency to the next level with the ability to locate smartphone users live.
  • Provides additional safety for your employees when they are working out in the field.

Extend GIS to the Field

Data collection smartphone screenshot
  • Accurately digitize right on the smartphone.
  • Easy to use customizable smart form that you create to minimize errors when collecting data.
  • Data is collected real time - remote data transfer directly to your GiS server.
  • Photo capture with date, time stamp and geotag.
  • Integrated smartphone GPS records location automatically, resulting in fewer errors.